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4 songs for parallels ( recorded by paneuropean, 2005 )
brise glace

About Paneuropean

The paneuropean project was born out of the band's rhythm section un automne à lob-nor. The Paneuropean band consists of Alexande Gouy, guitar and vocals and Jean-nicolas Heillouis, drums, electronics and melodica. A EP 4 songs for parallels was born in 2005. The group gave several concerts and worked in residence twice.

Paneuropean tour dates
02/12/2006 - Tannerie - Bourg-en-Bresse + Broadway(fr) + Projet S.I.(fr)
12/01/2006 - Le comptoir de la folie ordinaire - Annecy
16/02/2005 - Le club - brise glace - Annecy + SZ(fr)
07/04/2004 - Le club - brise glace - Annecy

In residence 27/28/29/30 décembre 2005 -La Tannerie - Bourg en Bresse
24/25/26 juin 2005 - La Tannerie - Bourg en Bresse -

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